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MAY 22, 2003

JCodeBox awarded 9/10 in independent review

London, UK - May 22, 2003 - An independent review of JCodeBox has been published in the June 2003 edition of Linux Format magazine. The review awarded JCodeBox 10/10 for features and value for money in an overall score of 9/10.

The review described how easy it is to write your J2EE/Web application using the JCodeBox point-and-click interface and emphasized how much time and money you can save by using JCodeBox.

"... But now, almost out of thin air a solution has arrived in the form of JCodeBox. Confidently touting itself as "an affordable Java application and component builder that dramatically accelerates the development of J2EE", you would be forgiven for thinking the product is getting a little ahead of itself.
However, you would be wrong - JCodeBox does precisely that, and it does it in such a way that you almost feel like you've cheated because it takes so little time to create a fully working product. Here at Linux Format we love Java, and this product looks almost able to end our Java-writing career opportunities simply because you can point-and-click to write your Java application..."

After explaining how simple it was to create a fully functional, working application, the review recommended JCodeBox as The way forward for J2EE development.

"... JCodeBox visually breaks things down into the EIS tier, the Business Tier, the Web Tier, and so on. Once you're finished defining the application (and this really requires little more skill than using the mouse), you simply click 'Create'. Here you get one final dialog box that allows you to select whether you want to compile the application, package it, and/or deploy it - if you select all three, will do everything for you, and leave you with a working application.
Is it really that easy? Sure it is - and there's a lot more it can do besides..."

For details on how to get the magazine to read the review in full please go to the Linux Format website (http://www.linuxformat.co.uk)



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