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  • Significantly reduces the cost of Java Enterprise (J2EE) and Java Web developments
  • Significantly increases Java Enterprise/Web productivity
  • Competitively priced - no runtime, CPU or server charges
  • Quality deliverables

JCodeBox is a powerful application/component builder and development environment for creating Java Enterprise (J2EE) applications, Java Web applications and Web services.

It provides a feature rich, visual environment that allows you to design, build and deploy high performance solutions at a price that is affordable to individuals and companies alike.

The low price combined with the increased cost savings and increase in productivity results in JCodeBox delivering a significant return on your investment.

The productivity increases allowing you to build strategic, enterprise applications in the time usually allocated to develop a prototype.

JCodeBox allows you to easily utilise tried and tested Java design patterns making sure that you produce quality systems every time.

Whether you are an organisation trying to reduce your costs for J2EE developments or an individual future-proofing and enhancing your Enterprise/Web Java skills, JCodeBox provides the solution.

JCodeBox adheres to J2EE and industry standards and doesn't generate any proprietary application code. This means you can target any server environment for your applications and avoid vendor lock-in.


  • Java Enterprise/Web Application and Component Builder
  • Visual representation of application
  • Iterative Build-Deploy-Run cycle
  • Apply tried and tested J2EE design patterns
  • Web Services
  • Powerful Object-Relational mapping engine
  • Non proprietary

Building Java Enterprise and Java Web applications means writing a lot of mandatory, infrastructure code before you can start implementing your business functionality (home/remote interfaces, primary key classes, bean classes, etc). There are tools available to help you. Most are very expensive (thousands of dollars per release) and others can be cryptic and hard to use.

JCodeBox is neither of the above. It rapidly accelerates the building of distributed J2EE components (JSP/Servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans, etc) and allows you to immediately focus on the business functionality of your applications.

JCodeBox simplifies the creation of J2EE systems by providing a visual representation of your application. It can then automatically generate, build and deploy your application directly from this visual representation. You are free to focus on your business functionality which can be entered directly into JCodeBox.

Throughout the development process you can deploy and run your application as many times as you like allowing you to constantly see it from a user perspective and benefit from an incremental development approach. If you are only building business tier components JCodeBox can automatically generate web components so you can see and test your business tier objects immediately. JCodeBox automates the assembly and deployment of your components and applications shielding you from the proprietary aspects of this process. It can also automatically create Web Services to expose your enterprise application's functionality to users of other technologies (i.e. Microsoft .NET).

JCodeBox includes an advanced patterns and code generation engine which allows you to graphically apply tried and tested J2EE design patterns to optimise your applications. This results in the production of consistently high quality, robust, scalable solutions.

The powerful Object-Relational mapping engine means you can generate your enterprise applications directly from an underlying database schema in minutes. Alternatively you can define your entities within the JCodeBox GUI and still generate and deploy your application (JCodeBox will even produce the scripts required to create your database).

All of your application code adheres to Java and J2EE standards (J2SE, EJB, JSP, etc). The only proprietary code generated are the application server specific deployment descriptors. So, if you choose, you can import all of the generated source code, scripts, etc into your favourite Java IDE.

  DELIVERABLES To top of page

  JCodeBox delivers all of the components of an Enterprise/Web Java application and more including:

  • Enterprise JavaBeans (home, remote, bean class, etc)
  • Standard Java classes
  • Pattern classes
  • Web tier classes
  • Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Web Services classes
  • Standard deployment descriptors
  • Application server specific deployment descriptors
  • Web archives (WAR)
  • EJB archives (JAR)
  • Application archives (EAR)
  • ANT build scripts

  • J2EE 1.2 / 1.3
  • J2SE
  • EJB 1.1 / 2.0 (CMP, BMP, Session and MDB)
  • CMR (and BMP relationships)
  • EJB-QL
  • JDBC 2.0
  • JMS 1.0
  • Web Services
  • JSP
  • XML
  • XSL

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